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The National Assembly hosts many events, some of which have an impact beyond the borders of Québec:

  • official ceremonies, such as Members’ swearing-in ceremonies and the presentation of the insignia of the Order of La Pléiade
  • receptions for foreign parliamentarians and presiding officers
  • meetings of interparliamentary and international organizations
  • visits by ambassadors and consuls

Protocol, a set of rules intended to foster good relations between states, organizations and individuals, is closely observed during such events.

The members of the Protocol team at the National Assembly ensure that the various official institutional events involving the President of the Assembly and Québec’s MNAs are conducted in keeping with accepted protocol under conditions that foster productive discussion.

This team oversees the preparation of events held at the Parliament Building and sees that they run smoothly, giving due consideration to the following matters, which affect the message conveyed by such events:

  • guest list
  • order of precedence (the rank of different members of a delegation)
  • introduction of guests to Members during Routine Proceedings of the Assembly
  • flag etiquette (which flags fly from the towers of the Parliament Building and in what order)
  • signing of the Assembly guestbook

The Protocol team of the National Assembly, which represents the legislative power, is not to be confused with Le Protocole of the Gouvernement du Québec, which represents the executive power and is a branch of the Ministère des Relations internationales.