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Bill 894, An Act to prohibit petroleum exploration and production

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Massé, Manon,

Member for Sainte-Marie–Saint-Jacques


Private Members’ bills

This bill

was introduced during the 42nd Legislature, 1st Session
was re-instated during the 42nd Legislature, 2nd Session le October 20, 2021.

Stages in the consideration of the Bill

Definition of the terms used:

  • Amendment (one or more changes were made to the bill at this stage)
  • Majority vote (the bill went through this stage with majority support in the Assemblée)
  • Vote : Yeas, Nays, Abstentions; (the bill went through this stage following a vote, the results of which were recorded)
  • The date of assent is followed by the year and chapter number of the Act assented to as they will appear in the Statutes of Québec. For instance, “2007, c. 7” following a date of assent means “Statutes of Québec 2007, chapter 7”.