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Navigation Aid

Four navigation tools provide access to information on the National Assembly website:

Access to some pages on the website may depend on the language selected.

Navigation Menus

Two navigation menus appear on every page and give access to every section of the website:

  • the main navigation bar, made up of the major section titles (Members, Parliamentary Proceedings, etc.) is found at the top of the page and contains drop-down menus
  • the footer contains links to RSS feeds, the Contact Us section, etc.

The main menu also identifies the section you are browsing.

  • If you are browsing the Home, Members, Parliamentary Proceedings, Voice Your Opinion or Audio and Video section, the tab containing the section title will be displayed in dark blue.
  • If you are browsing any other section, the section title (for example, Visitors) will be displayed in white.

Most pages on the website have a sidebar menu on the left listing the subjects dealt with in that section. The title of the page you are on is displayed in black.

Site Map

The site map lists the pages on the site. Visitors may access it by clicking on the Site Map link in the footer of any page on the site.

Search Engine

The search engine is located at the top right-hand corner of each page of the site. Enter your search terms in the box and click on the magnifying glass icon to launch the search.

The Advanced Search found to the right of the icon  offers options allowing you to refine your search.

For more information, go to Search Help.

Breadcrumb Trail

A breadcrumb trail is a navigation tool that allows visitors to see where they are in relation to the website's structure. It is made up of links that give access to the corresponding pages.


English Content

Parts of the National Assembly website have been translated into English. On French pages, an “English” button appears in the header of the page if an English equivalent of the whole page or part of it exists.

Click on the button to go to the English version. Once there, clicking on “Français” will return you to the French version of the site.

The National Assembly website is a dynamic website: its pages are created using elements stored in a data base and re-used on several pages of the site. As some of the data is in French only, certain pages of the English version of the website may contain information in French.

In the English version of the website, if the title of a page is displayed in French on the page or in the sidebar menu, the page is in French only. Titles that are proper French names may nevertheless refer to a page in English (e.g. Le Parlementaire).

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Spanish and German Content

Certain parts of the International section have been translated into Spanish and German. By clicking on the "Español" or "Deutsch" buttons in the header of the page, visitors can view content posted in those languages. On pages with Spanish or German content, clicking the "Français" button returns visitors to the French version of the website.