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Visiting the Parliament Building

The Parliament Building is located in Québec City, on Parliament Hill. It was designated a historic site by the Government of Québec in 1985. The Parliament Building is home to the National Assembly, meeting place of Québec’s 125 elected representatives.

Visitors to the National Assembly are introduced to the history and inner workings of Québec’s parliament.

Guided Tours

Visiting the Parliament Building

A guided tour of the Parliament Building will give you the opportunity to discover the unique and little-known characteristics of this heritage building.

Tour duration: 75 minutes.

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Visiting the Parliament Building and the National Assembly Library

You can also discover the National Assembly Library. Founded in 1802, the Library is housed since 1915 in an exceptional heritage building.

Tour duration: 90 minutes.

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Attending Parliamentary Proceedings

The best way to witness democracy in action is to attend a sitting of the Assembly or one of its parliamentary committees. A pass is not required for admission to a committee sitting but you must reserve a pass to attend a sitting of the National Assembly of Québec.

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