National Assembly of Québec

National Assembly of Québec
Programme de stage Carroussel_2020
Closing of the 28th Legislature of the  Student Forum!
Francophone Face-Off : Debating Competition
Five internships offered at National Assembly
The National Assembly is now accepting  submissions for the 18th edition of the Political Book Prize
Come visit your parliament, the people’s house!
Come discover the National Assembly gift shop!
Discover The Library's Treasures exhibition
Guided Tours: Reserve your guided tour online!




Consult the Parliamentary Diplomacy section to learn more about the National Assembly of Québec’s international activities.

Comment ça marche?

Comment ça marche?

Vous êtes invités à des ateliers grand public qui ont pour but de démystifier et d’expliquer les différentes facettes de notre système démocratique.

Careers and Internships

Put your qualifications to work!
Working at the National Assembly will bring you into direct contact with the major political, social and cultural events and issues of the day. To find out more, click on Careers and Internships.

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