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Chefs at Le Parlementaire Restaurant share their stories

The team at Le Parlementaire Restaurant includes many important players, not least of which are three seasoned chefs who share a great passion for cooking. We asked them to tell us where their love of food originated and their philosophies about all things culinary.

Martin Gagné – Head Chef

Martin Gagné – Head Chef"I am originally from Sherbrooke. I am passionate about the science and art of good eating and am a big believer in using locally-sourced food products. I enjoy combining authentic Amerindian cuisine with the latest culinary trends. I take real pleasure in meeting daily kitchen challenges and am proud to be able to share the expertise gained over 25 years in production and culinary creation to ensure that dining in our historic, prestigious Le Parlementaire Restaurant is truly a unique and unforgettable gastronomic experience.

My secret recipe for success? Bringing a northern perspective to my cooking that reflects my beliefs and lifestyle. Cooking is like taking a journey into the very heart of ourselves and the world we live in. It is the noblest and most essential act of unconditional love. For me, above all else, cooking is about creating happiness."

Yves Légaré – Executive Chef

Yves Légaré – Executive Chef"I am a native of Québec City and the fourth-born in a family of six boys. I started working in the restaurant business at the age of 14 as a cook’s assistant to earn some pocket money. That’s when I fell in love with cooking! As soon as I was old enough, I rushed off to culinary school to learn all about this profession that I still dearly love today.

My philosophy in the kitchen? Discovering new foods that are locally grown and produced in Québec, coming up with fresh new ideas, creating new recipes, being innovative with the visual presentation of culinary dishes and sharing my expertise with others!

My secret recipe for success? I always make sure to use high-quality fresh ingredients that are preserved in the most natural manner possible... with a touch of carefully chosen herbs and spices!"

Renée Lévesque – Executive Sous-Chef

Renée Lévesque – Executive Sous-Chef"I am from the Kamouraska region and am the last-born in a family of eight children. My most cherished memories go back to family gatherings during the holiday season when as a child I would sit on the stair steps intently watching my aunt and mother cook. I loved imitating their movements on my little pink toy oven! Without knowing it, I was discovering the culinary world with child-like wonder. It was most likely the spark that ignited my life-long passion for this profession.

My cooking style in a few words? Genuine, generous, comforting and constantly evolving! I believe that dining must be a feast first for the eyes and then for the palate… For me, being a chef is not just a job, it’s a vocation.

My secret recipe for success? One important thing: Access to a kitchen garden with fresh produce to inspire you… the rest is magic!"

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